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Bohemia Bordeaux

Day 9 & 10

sunny 22 °C
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Bordeaux is the last stopping point before we get to Spain and there are still a few Frenchies we haven't tried yet. Escargot and a crêpe in particular, obviously because of our location a bottle of the regions rouge has to be on the agenda at some point. We're not usually dessert fans but the cakes in France are beautiful and I've often been found salivating in the window of a boulangerie so we'll squeeze one in if we have to.


We left Nantes on the morning in a bit of a frost and the temperature gauge on 14 °C. 350km south and we were up to 22 °C, flip-flop weather isn't too far away which is well-timed as i'm running out of clean socks. We had a nightmare driving through Bordeaux trying to find the hotel. There was traffic everywhere, the road signs weren't very clear, we were crossing live tram lines and were nervous wrecks by the time we checked in. Even when we ventured out later and crossed the bridge in to town, on foot, it was chaos. The traffic was honking each other, bikes were flying past in every direction, we had to watch our every step to avoid stepping in dog shit. It wasn't a great first impression.

However, once we skirted off in to the centre of town it was a different story. It was still busy but it seemed less troubled. Every street we walked down there were bars and cafe's, brasseries and wine bars, restaurants and pizzerias. We even found an English pub where we could go to the bar and get served, no sitting around hoping to be noticed. We spent a whole day exploring the city and there is still so much of Bordeaux we didn't see, but what we did was stunning.


We had the perfect opportunity to sit in the sun with a glass of wine and eat some escargot whilst sauntering through the food market but bottled it. I don't know which one of us it was, maybe both, but instead we just enjoyed the smells and atmosphere of what was going on around us. I wont rue the day I didn't tuck in to a bowl of snails.


As the day pressed on we got stuck in to a bit of culture. To start with we got French cake and washed it down with a bottle of the regions finest.


We took a stroll through the park and stopped off at a crêperie and a few more boozers before heading back across the bridge to the hotel, having had a thoroughly enjoyable day out in Bordeaux.


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